what's the deal
with wool?

In 6 bullets and one (slightly complicated) rant.

personal microclimate

Wear it close to your skin to make your own microclimate, and you’ll be warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Perfect for layering. Wool is for all seasons.

Renewable for real

Wool is a 100% renewable source with a 50% longer lifespan than cotton. Also, it’s biodegradable. After renewable fibres, wool is the most planet friendly option to wear.

self cleaning

Through the friction caused by its fibres wool mechanically cleans itself making it perfect for travelling light. Air your Trumpet garment out to freshen it up, rather than washing it.

wet, no sweat

Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet and does a great job of transporting sweat. Also, it keeps you warm even if it’s wet. No other material does that.


By being much better at absorbing sweat and evaporating it wool resists getting stuck with bad smelling bacteria.

it's not plastic

It’s natural. No fossil fuels needed and a much better choice if you happen to catch fire. Trust us.

we have to talk about the itch!

Yes, wool has a bad reputation for being itchy. But that’s not true for all wool fibres. 

The finer the fibre, the less likely the itch. 

Wool fibre is measured in microns, but very few brands state the micron count of their products. Merino wool has silk-like quality due to it’s fine fibres but also comes in different microns. Wool measured to 18.5 microns and below are labeled as superfine and are itch free even for most very sensitive persons. Trumpet garments are made with 17.5 Glint 170g and 18.5 Volk 330g micron wool.


Fine wool, like ours,
is ridiculously soft



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